Saturday, June 5, 2010

4 months

I have been bad at making sure this stays updated. So while I have time, meaning husband and baby are sleeping I am going to update on Jaxon.

He is currently 4 months and 2 weeks.
At his 4 month appt he weighed 12lbs 14oz
He was 23in long.

At this point here are some things he can do, his likes,and dislikes....
He eats 2-5oz
Sleeps 3 hours
Dislikes naps
Loves being sang to
Loves moving his arms around
Favorite thing right now is mommy saying in a sing song voice(while moving arms to the words) up down up down touch the ground touch the and close open and close, touch your toes touch your toes. This can usually get him to giggle.
Has started to giggle
Smiles really big now but if you have a phone or camera..not gonna happen
Has started to lift his bottom off the ground
Hates tummy time
Loves laying on his back while daddy holds him
Will coo back at you
Plays with his tongue ALOT
Is generally a happy baby in HIS own enviroment :)

Everyday we feel blessed by his milestones and accomplishments. Constantly have to remind ourselves and others he is really only suppose to be 10 weeks old (he is 18weeks) so if he doesnt lift his head on his own or roll over its not a BIG deal. We love him so very much and I feel Heavenly Father does as well.


Kendra Goodrich said...

He looks so cute! I love the puzzled look he has on his four month pic

Stevens said...

I can't believe he'll be a year old in a week or so!!!