Thursday, December 17, 2009

Me and my Hubbby

One bus, two bus, yellow bus, blue bus and the MR2

My morning didnt start out too wonderful and it only seemed to get worse, due to hormones and lack of controlling them and the ability to control the situation around you. To explain I have to go back to the year 2001. I was in Idaho at the time for my older brothers High school graduation, I was currently living with my grandparents in Basin City, WA but was allowed to go home for a while to see my brother graduate. My boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, was a speedster. He loves to drive fast and crank the music. I will never understand how or why but on that particular morning he was able to talk his dad into borrowing his gorgeous 1980 Corvette. He drove it to school and had no problems but on his way home he decided, while on school property, to take a gravel turn and while taking this turn at too high of speed ran into a yellow school bus. I wasnt there to see the damage but from the pictures I know it had to have been pretty bad. The front drivers side went into the front of the bus just under the stop sign. They said that had he gone much further under that it would have killed him. He was pretty lucky, but the Corvette was not so lucky. I will never forget that phone call. He called me and said he was in an accident and then after I asked if he was okay he told me he hit a school bus. For some reason I could'nt help but laugh. Probably not the thing a boyfriend wants to hear. But I knew he was okay and it was a bus who wouldn't laugh right? Well after recieving a ticket for speeding and wreckless driving, his dad and him had the car towed to there place. Well a few months went by and he once again talked his dad into letting him borrow his MR2 for the day. His dad said yes and away he went. While coming to a stop light in the Tri-Cities he wasn't paying attention and rear ended a pickup with a hitch on the back going 35 mph. Crunch...another one of his dads vehicles needing repair. I dont even remember much of that phone call except that I know his dad was not all that pleased. Another ticket added to his record and away the car went. Years have gone by since he has been in an accident. Due to current circumstances we are living with his parents. It is the winter season. Monday night it snowed about 2 inches, not so bad we have dealt with worse in Utah but then it decided to freezing rain/sleet all the next day causing the roads to become icy. Some schools were closed but most were just delayed. It warmed up a little, just enough that on Tuesday night it made the roads freeze over again. Wednesday morning was slick as snot, as the saying goes, all schools were cancelled but Sterling had to go to work. Because his truck does not have 4 wheel drive he borrowed, with permission, his dads pickup. Now the Tri-Cities rarely gets snow so they have not invested in snow plows or sanding trucks-stupid I think. So as he was approaching an intersection he slowed down but was unable to stop and slid right out into the main street in Pasco and hit...a bus. Granted this one was not yellow but a bus all the same. So when my phone started to ring this morning I got up to answer it and Sterling told me he was in an accident involving another bus. All I could think was "are you serious?" then I was concerned about his well being, then about what vehicle he was driving. Should have been the other way around I know but sometimes you just react wrong. Throughout the remainder of the day I could cry almost at the drop of a hat. We have hardly any money coming in and now we have to pay to have this truck fixed. All I could think about was "well there goes going home for Christmas." I fought with my sister, my parents, Sterling and through Sterling his parents about this subject. I felt that since we had just recieved some money that we should pay to have the truck fixed and try to go home in a few weeks. Finally I relented. Even though I know I am going to get to say I told you so when we cant fix the truck and that paying it now is the logical answer sometimes being stubborn isnt always the right answer. I know I get my stubborness from my mom and I blame her for it and I get paying my financial obligations from my dad. In a way I am glad that my family didn't give up on me. I need to go home. I get depressed easily and seeing my family will help ease some of that depression. I am very grateful for them and for my friends who not knowing I was having a bad day gave me compliments to make me feel better. Here comes the water works. I am very grateful Sterling is okay and that this too shall pass and I can hopefully write it off as one of those life lessons you learn.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Living Stars

So tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner and I always wonder what kind of message they are going to share. I know its always a spiritual message and one I will enjoy but tonights message was on Living Stars. Let me explain what a living star is. Its someone who you look up to, someone who has guided you in your life or made an impression on you in some way by either an experience or being themselves. We all went around the table and gave who we thought our living some said mothers, wife, parents etc... Well for me my LIVING STAR is my sister Cori. For you that don't know she is two years younger then me and is mentally and physically handicap. She never asks why me. Yet she has had to go through so many in things in this life that aren't considered fair. When I think about what she has had to go through and still goes through I think its it not fair. Her health has never been great. The seizures and tubes. Medications that dont work and have caused her to become Diabetic. How through her syndrome her body will eventually shut down little bit by little bit and how painful that must be. To have some cognitive thought that her life will come to an end and not have a say about it. To never be able to tell your family you love them. She has no chance to say what she feels or thinks. Why should I have reason to complain about my life?

She has taught me so much. She has taught me the gift of giving, charity, love, forgiveness, to not judge someone by the cover, to become more like Christ. To know that she is already made perfectly clean without a spot is such a wonderful knowledge and to know that I have been blessed with the chance to have her here in my life. She will make the celestial kingdom. I have alot to aspire to. She is who I look up to. I love her so much and though it pains me to she her put through so much I think it might cause me more pain when she leaves this life.

So I guess next time I think life isn't far I should remember her and how life isnt fair but to accept the lot in this life cause it could be something far worse.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where we are now

Our lives have embarked upon a new adventure. We moved from living in a bowl with snow surrounding us to the place where its always cold but never snows...Kennewick, WA. We are adjusting to our new living arrangements. We are staying with his parents until we can get enough saved up and move out on our own. Sterling spends most days helping his dad with the construction business. He will soon be the Superintendent once they have signed papers and made all the proper arrangements. He has always wanted to get out of the labor part of building homes and be in the management part. I hope this will work out. I spend most of my time hanging out. I do alot and I mean alot of reading. I am hoping to learn how to knit or crochet while I have non busy hands and free time. I also spend time preparing for our little one to come.

We are excitedly approaching my due date. March 24, 2010 (15weeks left). We are having a boy (Jaxon Clyde). We have definately waited along time for this to happen. Sometimes its still very surreal. Its amazing how being pregnant and knowing you can grow a life will change your own. Everyday he gets stronger and kicks harder and moves around more. I ask Sterling questions all the time like "are you more excited to see him or being a dad?" He responds to my non-sensical questions well...he always out smarts me and says "well if I see him it makes being a dad more real so they go hand in hand." I am truely lucky to have him as my husband. He keeps me sane and puts my pregnancy hormones into check. Which is every night.

So this is us for now I will hopefully keep this updated and let everyone know how we progress as time goes by.