Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 months old

Today Jaxon turned 2 months old. I cant believe it. Time has gone by quickly. It seems just like yesterday. He has changed so much in the last few weeks. We are starting to get into a routine as a family and are getting use to the early hours and no sleep. We are enjoying being parents to such a wonderful little boy. It does help that he is so dang cute. Here are some things about Jaxon at 2 months...

*Now weighs 8lbs 20z
*Is 20 and 1/4in long
*Still has not reached his due date
*Smiles alot, although we cant get him to do it yet
*Is starting to trac things with his eyes
*Now wears size 1 diapers
*Finally is in newborn to 3 months clothes
*Loves to be read to by mommy
*Loves to be sung to
*Likes bath time, although he will cry when you get him undressed but as soon as he is in he is fine until you take him out
*Hates being naked or having his diaper changed
*Eates 2oz of formula every 2-3hrs
*Loves to have his fuzzy head rubbed, it usually helps him go to sleep
*Loves to be held by just about anybody
*Always has a stuffy nose so mommy has to clean it out and he does not enjoy that too much
*Has to be burped alot daddy usually is able to get the great big ones
*Has found his tongue and enjoys sticking it out
*Licks on anything that goes near his mouth. We have caught him sucking on his blanket a few times.
*Has super chubby cheeks...its a Gunter trait and I wouldnt change it. I just love it pinch them.
*Still is fussy when he eats but we are grateful when he eats and doesnt cry
*Loves mommy and daddy

He is the little boy of our dreams and I wouldnt change any single thing about him or the things we (as a family) have gone through since his birth.

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